Flying Flexibility

Acro Yoga combines the wisdom of yoga, the loving benevolence of Thai massage and the dynamic energy of acrobatics. This form of yoga offers a protected space in which (self-) trust can grow playfully and mindfully at the same time. With the support of the others, everyone can give and receive the powerful energy of acrobatic flying and the grounding quality of Thai massage. Acro Yoga tests and trains body awareness, balance, body tension and coordination, confidence and responsibility, as well as the ability to let go and relax.
In the workshop we turn to the Solaren practice (sun-powerful). We will work on a new flow that is suitable for beginners and for beginners with previous knowledge. Basic movements and principles of acrobatics, as well as the “right” touch are trained so that we can easily connect with our partner. Fun is guaranteed here.
At the end we turn to the Lunar Practice, the flying Thai massage on the ground and in the air to get to know. This happens in the calm energy of Metta (love, healing and benevolence) ….. dive into the fascination of floating.
This workshop is open to all levels. Come and float with us!