Of course. We offer our courses in different levels of difficulty, so that every participant – no matter if with no or already much previous experience – can be optimally supported and trained. It is therefore not a prerequisite to have dance or sports experience, as we work exclusively methodically-pedagogically with our students without overtaxing them. As a new start we recommend our Poledance Beginner Workshop or the Poledance Basics Course for all absolute beginners without previous dance or sport experience.

With us, students are trained individually according to their abilities. Therefore – for maximum learning success – different levels of difficulty (‘Levels’) are offered. In our courses marked “All”, all participants – regardless of their training level – are welcome.

Since each level has a wealth of different techniques and figures, different choreographies and figures are taught in each class. Therefore, a level is not automatically completed after a single 6 week course. Prerequisite for the next higher level is the automated clean execution of the learning content of the previous level. So you can stay at one level without any pressure to perform until you feel ready for the next challenge.

The minimum age in our courses is always 14 years – unless the courses are explicitly advertised for children or teenagers. If the student is under 18, parental consent is required. There is no upper age limit.

  • Pole: For our Pole classes you need a pair of shorts and short socks. For the time of the warm up it is worthwhile to pull over the short Hot Pants a long comfortable training trousers over it. Please do not put any cream on before the course units, as this makes some moves on the pole much more difficult or impossible. In addition, you should refrain from wearing jewellery (necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets) during the workout, otherwise the bar will be damaged and you could possibly injure yourself. If you have painted toenails, please be sure to wear socks! If you don’t feel comfortable in shorts, bring a pair of athletic shorts that can be pulled up over your thighs if needed.
  • Workout: Regular sportswear, shorts and socks are required for our workout classes.
  • High Heels, Twerk and Dance Classes: For these classes, we recommend comfortable clothing, knee pads, socks, and high heels or clean indoor sneakers if necessary.

For a successful training you should refrain from wearing jewellery (necklaces, rings) during the training, otherwise our training equipment could be damaged and you could possibly injure yourself. Please shower before class, use deodorant and do not put on lotion or too much makeup as this can make it difficult to workout with our exercise equipment. If you have painted toenails, be sure to put on socks.

Since quality and effective learning are important to us, each student has his own training equipment at his disposal – this reduces possible risks of injury and ensures a successful training! In addition, to create an educational learning environment, there is a limited number of participants for each course. Prior registration for our courses is therefore essential.

Of course, you can also exercise in the comfort of your own home, provided you have the appropriate exercise equipment. However, we recommend that you only perform the difficult figures (especially the overhead ones) with a trained instructor, as this can lead to serious injuries under certain circumstances. As soon as you have mastered the technique of the difficult figures, you can of course practice them on your own at home. But: Please do not experiment without professional guidance!

We regularly offer PlayTime, where you can practice the course content alone or in small groups.

There are different suppliers of poles: Some poles are cheap, but not stable enough to dance acrobatic elements. Permanently installed poles must be fixed to the floor and/or ceiling with screws. In addition, poles with platforms are still offered. Unfortunately, though, the platform isn’t big enough for some floor moves and the bar is usually a bit wobbly in the upper section.

We recommend the easy to assemble and disassemble and extremely stable Xpert from X-Pole, which we also use in our studio and can supply on request.

This is because not only is the initial cost to the provider large, but our classes also require a lot of space around each piece of exercise equipment, so significantly fewer participants can be accepted per class. In order to ensure that, in addition, each participant has his or her own training equipment, it is necessary for a student to pay more than is usual in the regular group fitness area in order to be able to cover the costs. Thus, the prices are midway between group fitness and personal training.

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