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You want to learn twerking? Contrary to what you might think, twerking is an actual dance technique that engages your muscles, builds endurance, and improves your posture. With a twerk workout like this, you really start to sweat - that's why we call it a twerkout. This is not only fun, but also gets your body in shape and increases your self-confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our Twerk course in our studio in Düsseldorf and shake your booty to the right Twerk music!

Join us and Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya! 🥳

  • Pole Training: Shorts, a sleeveless shirt and socks are required for our pole classes. For the time of the warm up it is worthwhile to pull over the short Hot Pants a long comfortable training trousers over it. Please do not put any cream on before the course units, as this makes some moves on the pole much more difficult or impossible. In addition, you should refrain from wearing jewellery (necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets) during the workout, otherwise the bar will be damaged and you could possibly injure yourself. If you have painted toenails, please be sure to wear socks! If you don’t feel comfortable in shorts, bring a pair of athletic shorts that can be pulled up over your thighs if needed.
  • Workout | Flexibility: Regular sportswear, shorts and socks are required for our workout classes.
  • High Heels, Twerk and Dance Classes: For these classes, we recommend comfortable clothing, knee pads, socks, and high heels or clean indoor sneakers if necessary.
  • Aerial yoga: leggings and long sleeve shirt
  • Aerial Hoop: Thick leggings or knee bandages to protect the back of the knees and long-sleeved shirt

Twerking is a dance style that focuses on movements with the hips and buttocks. The hips are made to gyrate, vibrate and swing through various techniques. The hip should move as isolated as possible, i.e. independent of the rest of the body.
The term twerk originated from the terms twist and jerk and has its origins in the black communities of New Orleans and the US state of Louisana.

Twerking to loud, rhythmic music is not only fun, but also a really intense work-out, because it combines endurance training and weight training. The dance style has many positive effects on your body and will make you sweat faster than you think.

On the one hand, twerking strengthens the leg muscles, because due to the special posture you are almost permanently in a position that you might know from squats. The light squat activates mainly the thigh and pomus muscles. The calves are also strengthened.

On the other hand, the so-called core muscles are also enormously important in twerking and are stressed in the dance style. The abdominal muscles and also the back are also challenged and trained by twerking. Since these muscle groups are responsible for straight posture, twerking can improve it.

Twerking also helps to boost self-esteem. Many women who twerk regularly report that the dance style makes them feel more comfortable in their bodies and especially sexy and attractive.

Besides, it can build up your stamina in the long run.

Definitely! Anyone who enjoys moving to hot rhythms is welcome to join our Twerk class. A Twerk class usually runs like any other fitness or dance class: there is a common warm-up with mobilization, strengthening and stretching exercises. Then the basic techniques are practiced and danced through in a choreography. The Twerk course will end with a cool-down at the end.

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