Aerial Hoop | Lyra in Düsseldorf

Dance like in a circus, please! We will make this dream come true for you at the Aerial Hoop Workshop in our studio here in Düsseldorf.
Aerial Hoop is a trendy sport also known as Lyra. In some cases Aerial Hoop is also called “air ring”. The origin of this trend sport is acrobatics.

In this course or workshop you will learn to move gracefully in the air ring, combining coordination, strength and endurance. Add more pep to your workout and try your hand at different aerial hoop figures. This form of aerial acrobatics is suitable for children, adults, beginners and advanced.

  • Pole Training: Shorts, a sleeveless shirt and socks are required for our pole classes. For the time of the warm up it is worthwhile to pull over the short Hot Pants a long comfortable training trousers over it. Please do not put any cream on before the course units, as this makes some moves on the pole much more difficult or impossible. In addition, you should refrain from wearing jewellery (necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets) during the workout, otherwise the bar will be damaged and you could possibly injure yourself. If you have painted toenails, please be sure to wear socks! If you don’t feel comfortable in shorts, bring a pair of athletic shorts that can be pulled up over your thighs if needed.
  • Workout | Flexibility: Regular sportswear, shorts and socks are required for our workout classes.
  • High Heels, Twerk and Dance Classes: For these classes, we recommend comfortable clothing, knee pads, socks, and high heels or clean indoor sneakers if necessary.
  • Aerial yoga: leggings and long sleeve shirt
  • Aerial Hoop: Thick leggings or knee bandages to protect the back of the knees and long-sleeved shirt

Aerial Hoop is a full body workout. This is completed on or in a hoop hanging from the ceiling. The tire is usually made of steel and has a diameter of usually 1 meter. In the hoop, athletes can perform various exercises or complete entire choreographies. Aerial Hoop could be described as a mixture of full body workout, dance and acrobatics.

Aerial Hoop is designed to make the entire body stronger and, most importantly, more flexible. Furthermore, balance and coordination are to be trained in addition to strength and mobility. Aerial hoop training is considered to be very varied and is said to be suitable for beginners.
Those who have familiarized themselves with this trendy sport will soon be able to do a wide variety of tricks, poses and turns, in and around the ring. A cool side effect: the whole body is trained.

Once gracefully and elegantly perform airy exercises in a hoop – what woman does not dream of. Many sports are effective, but you don’t look particularly handsome doing them, partly because you sweat and partly because not every exercise looks distinguished. Aerial hoop is different – since the trend sport was invented by circus artists, the focus here is on aesthetics. Exercising with the hoop, however, brings other benefits: the balancing act between balance, endurance and strength training specifically promotes the arms, abdomen and back. Thus, Aerial Hoop is the perfect sport for every woman who would like to combine strength training with acrobatics and dance. If you’re now worried that you’ll have to go to the gym to do the exercises beforehand, rest assured: strength in the upper body is an advantage, but the strength needed for the exercises comes naturally with training on the hoop. If you have enough space at home and a way to secure the hoop stably, you can get your own hoop and practice the exercises from the classes at home. However, anyone with pain-sensitive fingers or hands should think twice about training with the aerial hoop; the acrobatic exercises often leave bruises.

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