Aerial Yoga | Flying Flexibility in Düsseldorf

Aerial Yoga is also known as Air Yoga and Anti-Gravity Yoga, because that’s what this style of yoga is all about: hanging weightlessly in the air and taking pressure off your spine and joints. The meaning of the word “aerial” is “air” or “airy,” and it is this lightness that is conveyed by the aerial yoga sheet, which is attached to a bracket on the ceiling, similar to a hammock.

Aerial Yoga combines classical asanas from Hatha Yoga with acrobatic elements. Dance movements and Pilates exercises are also part of the flowing movements, which are performed with conscious breathing. Flexibility, strength, aerial acrobatics, lightness, relaxation and balance are the training goals.

At the course or workshop in our studio in Düsseldorf, you can even playfully take on poses that are difficult for you on the floor. At the same time, your balance is especially trained, because in some exercises you have to compensate for the instability of the sling.
Aerial yoga is one of those yoga styles that focus predominantly on physical fitness, rather than the spiritual component. The positive effect on the body is now also popular for therapeutic purposes.

With targeted health-promoting stretching exercises and techniques, you can expand your range of motion, accelerate recovery and prevent injuries.
The sling is supportive and challenging as it allows for different angles and heights of a stretching exercise.
This course will help you to train more effectively in the long run and to get faster results.

  • Pole Training: Shorts, a sleeveless shirt and socks are required for our pole classes. For the time of the warm up it is worthwhile to pull over the short Hot Pants a long comfortable training trousers over it. Please do not put any cream on before the course units, as this makes some moves on the pole much more difficult or impossible. In addition, you should refrain from wearing jewellery (necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets) during the workout, otherwise the bar will be damaged and you could possibly injure yourself. If you have painted toenails, please be sure to wear socks! If you don’t feel comfortable in shorts, bring a pair of athletic shorts that can be pulled up over your thighs if needed.
  • Workout | Flexibility: Regular sportswear, shorts and socks are required for our workout classes.
  • High Heels, Twerk and Dance Classes: For these classes, we recommend comfortable clothing, knee pads, socks, and high heels or clean indoor sneakers if necessary.
  • Aerial yoga: leggings and long sleeve shirt
  • Aerial Hoop: Thick leggings or knee bandages to protect the back of the knees and long-sleeved shirt

Aerial Yoga is a full body workout that increases strength, balance and flexibility – all muscle groups are activated and stretched. The support of the sling allows you to perform many asanas more easily and more intensely at the same time, making your workout even more effective.
The trunk muscles in particular must work the entire time. The nice side effect of regular practice: a flat, defined core.
In the hanging state, tension in the neck, shoulder area or back can also be released. Joints and spine are relieved.
Aerial Yoga is also fascia training. Thanks to the compression through the cloth, you always work your fascia with it. Your body is supplied with more blood and the organs are better supplied with nutrients.
Another feel-good factor: you transfer your body weight to the cloth, are allowed to let go and float through the air. Aerial Yoga lets you experience your body in a whole new way.

Aerial Yoga is for anyone curious about a whole new yoga experience. Both advanced yogis and newcomers can get their money’s worth with the “flying” workout. Depending on the subject matter, it’s sometimes more fitness-oriented, sometimes calmer – find a course that suits your needs.
Especially those who feel uncomfortable with their body weight and want to lose weight, but don’t dare to take classical yoga classes, should try Aerial Yoga. The floating state makes you feel light, thus boosting not only your strength and fat burning, but also your self-confidence.
A certain basic tension and coordination are advantageous for practice. With problems of the spine, high blood pressure or increased intraocular pressure, you should be careful and avoid overhead asanas.

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