Active regeneration

Increase the training effect through improved, faster active regeneration. The sooner you recover, the sooner you can take on the next challenge. Accelerate your progress in pole dance training sustainably and reduce the risk of injury at the same time.

An effective method of active regeneration is fascia massage. It stimulates the blood circulation, releases muscular tension and the fasciae are freed from adhesions. Age brings with it a stiffness, even though regular exercise has been done. In the meantime, it is known that the connective tissue has nerves and a cause pain can. So it is not always the muscles that cause pain, but it can also be the fascial tissue that covers our body and connects joints, muscles and organs with each other.

By massaging with the fascia roller, for example, pressure is exerted on the muscle and the connective tissue. pressure is exerted. Rolling back and forth can Tension and adhesions be practically “rolled out”. You should imagine a cake dough that gets softer and softer the longer you knead or roll it. The blood flow is directed to this area and brings Nutrients and oxygen to the muscles so they can be repaired more quickly. The purpose of the connective tissue massage is to prevent pain and avoid resulting injuries. However, it must be said that the more sticky or the tighter the connective tissue is, the more rolling hurts. Now many people don’t want to do this, but there are several ways in which the Pressure of gravity can be reduced so that you can endure it. But the good thing is, the longer you do it, the more pleasant the massage becomes.
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